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Laws of Canada From the Department of Justice Web Site-Statutes of Canada, in FolioViews, searchable. Also available en français

Debates: House of Commons, Senate, Standing Committees

Website of the Parliament of Canada

Supreme Court Reports

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of Canada Rules Also available en français

Federal Court of Canada judgments

NEW! Federal Court of Canada Rules Also available en français

Federal Department of Finance Includes information on federal budget, harmonized sales tax, and other matters fiscal.

Canadian Government Departments - Ministères

Legislative Assembly of B.C. Debates, proceedings, budget, Throne Speech and other information.

Statutes of B.C. Searchable in Folio

British Columbia Superior Courts New site with recent Supreme Court and Court of Appeal decisions. Contains general information about the courts as well.

Legal Compendium New from B.C. Superior Court judges, This Compendium, or Collection of Writings, provides a very general description of the law and the judiciary of British Columbia.

NEW! BC Courthouse Library Society Search the catalogue online.

Alberta Courts A guide to Alberta Courts. Contains recent decisions.

Bora Laskin Law Library From the University of Toronto. Contains many useful links.

Provincial Legislation A source for provincial legislation

Canadian Municipalities Information about major Canadian Cities and Towns

Search Quebec Civil Code - English also version française

Queen's University Faculty of Law

Nova Scotia Law Reform Commission Home Page.

Canadian Constitutional Documents

QuickLaw Home Page

International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy

Canadian Institute of Resources Law Nice list of Natural Resources and Environmental Law and Policy sources.

Canadian Bar Association Home Page

NEW! Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.

Canadian Judges Home Page Moving to a new site. Stay tuned!

University of British Columbia Law School Home Page

Statistics Canada. A good source of government reports and statistical news

Natural Resources Canada Home Page Lots of good government and other links- impressive!

CCH Canadian Limited Canadian legal publishing company with a variety of web sites - check out "links to other sites"!

Electronic Frontier Canada


Bill's Aboriginal Links Well maintained and current. Contains case notes, "Law Library", many international sources, and an annotated Indian Act.

B.C. Law Institute The successor to the Law Reform Commission of B.C

Osgoode Hall Law School Home Page

University of Saskatchewan Law Library

Virtual Canadian Law Library A very good collection of government and other sources. also version française

Canadian Legal Network

Human Rights Research and Education Centre University of Ottawa.

Alberta Law Reform Institute

Canada's Legal Reference Centre

C.A.V.E.A.T. Victims Advocacy Group focusing on violence in Canadian society.

Canadian Police Agencies

Todd's Trade and Regulatory Reform Page Usually I don't list personal home pages, but Todd's is worth a look.

Canadian Law Schools A guide for prospective students

Environmental Appeal Board Decisions B.C. Environmental Appeal Board

Computer Law Cases relating to pornography, etc. on the 'net.

CLE Legal Resources

Cyberlaw Encyclopedia Comprehensive site for Computer and Technology Law from Alan Gahtan

Legal Portal maintained by Alan Gahtan

Contract Law Study Page A good resource for Canadian Contract Law. I've bookmarked the text-only page and suggest you avoid the main site--bad colours, hard to navigate, and slow.

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, B.C. see especially "Links to other Sites" for a impressive list of sites, both Canadian and International.

Law Runner- Canada A modification of Alta Vista to make Canadian law searches easier.

Dept. of the Solicitor General including, R.C.M.P., Corrections Canada and CSIS.

Family Law Center A very comprehensive collection of family law related materials, worth a visit!!

Canada's Divorce Act

Canadian Human Rights Reporter Commercial Site, but a good starting place for human rights research.

CSALT Canadian Society for the Advancement of Legal Technology

Société québécoise d'information juridique



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